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Between- and within-child level associations between externalizing and internalizing behavior problems in a nationally representative sample of US elementary school children

Published: January 22, 2024 Publication: The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry CLI Authors: Yoonkyung Oh, PhD, Tricia A Zucker, PhD, and Susan H. Landry, PhD Abstract: Background Both transactional and common etiological models have been proposed as explanations of why externalizing behavior problems (EBP) and internalizing behavior problems (IBP) co-occur in children. Yet little… Read more »

Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells to treat severe traumatic brain injury in children

Published: January 5, 2024 Publication: Brain CLI Author: Linda Ewing-Cobbs, PhD Abstract: Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMNCs) infused after severe traumatic brain injury have shown promise for treating the injury. We evaluated their impact in children, particularly their hypothesized ability to preserve the blood-brain barrier and diminish neuroinflammation, leading to structural central nervous system… Read more »

Exploring Small-Group Reading Instruction for Students at Risk for Reading Difficulties in Kindergarten Classrooms

Published: January 2, 2024 Publication: Reading & Writing Quarterly CLI Authors: Michael P. Mesa, PhD, and Tricia A. Zucker, PhD Abstract: The purpose of this systematic observation study was to improve our understanding of small-group reading instruction for kindergarten students at risk for reading difficulties (RDs). We aimed to observe and document activity types addressed… Read more »