Texas School Ready

Texas School Ready (TSR) is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools to help children be more prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Teachers from child care centers, Head Start programs, and public school pre-kindergarten participate in TSR. Throughout the school year, teachers enrolled in TSR are provided tools to help them learn more about the specific instructional needs of the children in their classrooms and how to support children using engaging lessons and activities. Since 2003, TSR has positively impacted more than 1.2 million children in Texas.

Multiple research studies have confirmed that Texas School Ready positively impacts teacher instructional practices in the classroom, regardless of setting (public school pre-k, Head Start, and private child care classrooms). Teachers participating in TSR are more responsive to the individual needs of the children in their classrooms. They show increases in their use of language-building strategies, including the quality of book reading, general conversations with children, and the use of oral language instruction to build these skills. Even greater gains have been found in emergent literacy instructional practices. Teachers also show better responsive teaching practices, organization of their centers, and the use of lesson plans.

Texas School Ready is implemented across the state through several delivery models that vary by support level intensity.  Agencies can participate in multiple levels of service at the same time, depending on the individual needs of the teachers and childcare providers they serve.

TSR Online

Through our new online platform, CLI Engage, all public school districts, public charter schools, Texas Rising Star sites, Head Start grantees, and former TSR participants in Texas will be able to access Texas School Ready tools and resources at no cost. Programs that register for TSR Online will have access to the free tools and resources that include the professional development, child progress monitoring system, classroom observation tools, and activity collection. Public school districts and charter schools can register now for access to TSR tools and resources on the CLI Engage website.

TSR Comprehensive

Lead Agents can apply for the traditional 3-year TSR program, which includes all of the online content on CLI Engage, coaching (face-to-face or remote), the developing talkers kit and training, two-day CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training, and reimbursements/incentives for participation. Please note that only child care and Head Start teachers are eligible to receive TSR Comprehensive services.

The TSR Comprehensive Request for Applications opens in the spring of odd-numbered years. For more information, visit the TSR website.

Note: To apply for TSR Comprehensive, please complete an application to join our waiting list. As space opens in your community, the TSR lead agent may contact you to confirm your program's eligibility.

TSR Components


Curriculum and Materials

TSR provides a research-based, state-adopted curriculum and learning materials to support instruction and create a better learning environment for children.


Professional Development

TSR provides a comprehensive teacher training program in critical school readiness areas and techniques delivered through face-to-face and online sessions.



TSR provides in-class coaching and online coaching based on teachers' individual performance and needs in the classroom to improve their practice.


Child Progress Monitoring

TSR provides teachers with quick assessments to track children's progress in critical early learning areas and tools to help them adjust their lessons to meet children's individual needs.