An Ode to Fetal, Infant, and Toddler Neuroimaging: Chronicling Early Clinical to Research Applications with MRI, and an Introduction to an Academic Society Connecting the Field

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Posted on February 17, 2022 by childrenslearninginstitute


February 17, 2022


Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

CLI Author:

Kelly A. Vaughn, PhD


Fetal, infant, and toddler neuroimaging is commonly thought of as a development of modern times (last two decades). Yet, this field mobilized shortly after the discovery and implementation of MRI technology. Here, we provide a review of the parallel advancements in the fields of fetal, infant, and toddler neuroimaging, noting the shifts from clinical to research use, and the ongoing challenges in this fast-growing field. We chronicle the pioneering science of fetal, infant, and toddler neuroimaging, highlighting the early studies that set the stage for modern advances in imaging during this developmental period, and the large-scale multi-site efforts which ultimately led to the explosion of interest in the field today. Lastly, we consider the growing pains of the community and the need for an academic society that bridges expertise in developmental neuroscience, clinical science, as well as computational and biomedical engineering, to ensure special consideration of the vulnerable mother-offspring dyad (especially during pregnancy), data quality, and image processing tools that are created, rather than adapted, for the young brain.


Angeliki Pollatou, Courtney A. Filippi, Ezra Aydin, Kelly Vaughn, Deanne Thompson, Marta Korom, Alexander J. Dufford, Brittany Howell, Lilla Zöllei, Adriana Di Martino, Alice Graham, Dustin Scheinost and Marisa Spann, An ode to Fetal, Infant, and Toddler Neuroimaging: Chronicling early clinical to research applications with MRI, and an introduction to an academic society connecting the fieldHistory of FIT’NG,Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, (2021) doi: