Unlocking Understanding

Do your students have trouble finding the main ideas in texts? Do their text summaries often miss the mark? Are they able to make inferences and locate evidence in a text? If your data shows that your students struggle with any of these practices, then this training series is for you, and will help you to improve the reading comprehension of your students! 

Unlocking Understanding comprehension training includes practical approaches teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately. These interactive and engaging trainings help build excitement and confidence for teaching students how to implement comprehension strategies successfully.

Each training focuses on a specific strategy and is customized specifically for the grade levels you teach. Training sessions are designed to guide teachers through a set of instructional approaches shown by research to be effective in classrooms across grade levels. Scaffolds, model lessons, and time for planning are also included in each session. 

Unlocking Understanding trainings have been conducted in school districts across Texas. Here's what teachers are saying:

  • "In the session there was lots of modeling and I learned to take it slow and build a strong foundation. I really enjoyed this – one of the best trainings I’ve been to in a long time!"
  • "I loved the organizational skills of the presenter and how her think-aloud was a really good example. I will use this routine in my classroom." 
  • "This was an effective lesson structure. I learned how to scaffold information, how to break down text. The graphic organizer will be very beneficial and useful for my students."
  • "Excellent strategies to implement in class. All of the organizers are awesome."

Training topics include:

  • Cognitive Strategy Instruction Foundation
  • Making Connections
  • Creating Mental Images
  • Making Inferences & Predictions
  • Determining Importance & Summarizing
  • Asking & Answering Questions
  • Monitoring & Clarifying
  • Listening Comprehension

For more information:

To request Unlocking Understanding training, and for more information, please contact the CLI Solutions Group, or email the Unlocking Understanding team at unlockingunderstanding@uth.tmc.edu, or call 713-500-8248.


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