CLI Engage

CLI Engage is a comprehensive professional development and child progress monitoring platform. The system houses professional development, child progress monitoring tools, and classroom observation tools originally developed for use with preschool teachers participating in the Texas School Ready Project (TSR). Through a partnership between CLI and the Texas Education Agency, TSR Online tools and resources are available for free to all pre-k teachers in Texas public schools and Head Start programs through the CLI Engage platform.

Additionally, through a partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, all of the TSR tools and resources in CLI Engage became available for free to all Texas Rising Star certified providers in Fall 2015. 

For more than ten years, the Children’s Learning Institute has managed the implementation and ongoing enhancement of the Texas School Ready (TSR) Project—a data-driven, comprehensive professional development and child progress monitoring program aimed at increasing school readiness skills in at-risk students. Since 2003, more than 25,000 preschool teachers in a variety of settings have participated in TSR – positively impacting the quality of instruction and classroom environment of nearly 500,000 children in Texas. In 2014, TSR’s tools were integrated into an innovative online platform known as CLI Engage.

Essentially, CLI Engage is Texas School Ready in an integrated online delivery system. It includes TSR’s professional development courses (eCIRCLE), child progress monitoring and reporting tools (CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System), supplementary lessons (CIRCLE Activity Collection), and one-on-one, video-based coaching for teachers with the greatest need. These resources became available to all Texas school districts, charter schools, and Head Start programs beginning in Fall 2015.

Additionally, many professional development resources and classroom activities are available for free to everyone on CLI Engage.

Learn more about eligibility to access the tools and resources on CLI Engage.

During the 2014-2015 school year, the Children’s Learning Institute conducted a large-scale pilot of the TSR tools and resources on the CLI Engage platform with Houston ISD, Dallas ISD, and Fort Worth ISD. More than 2,450 teachers participated in the CLI Engage pilot. Since then, many public schools and child care programs have used CLI Engage to support child progress monitoring, teacher professional development, and classroom observation. In 2017, more than 17,000 teachers had active accounts on CLI Engage.

Learn more about CLI Engage on the website.

Resources on CLI Engage are available either through Public Access or to eligible TSR Online participants.

Public access resources are available at no cost, with no eligibility requirements. All you need is a free Google ID to use these resources, which include a variety of professional development courses and activity collections.

TSR Online refers to resources that were used in the Texas School Ready project (e.g., the CIRCLE preK suite including CIRCLE Progress Monitoring and eCIRCLE professional development courses).

To sign-up for either Public Access or TSR Online, please click here and complete the short form.

We also offer several packages to access CIRCLE tools and resources on CLI Engage on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us for more information about these packages.

The following TSR tools and resources are available on CLI Engage:

    • CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (formerly C-PALLS) assessments in English and Spanish
    • eCIRCLE online professional development courses
    • CIRCLE Activity Collection (formerly CIRCLE Teacher's Manual) in English and Spanish
    • Classroom Observational Tool
    • Administrator-Classroom Observation Tool (A-COT)
    • Classroom Environment Checklist
    • BEECH professional development system for home-based child care providers
    • Collaboration Tools for coaching