AERO Tutoring Programs


AERO Tutoring Programs

Our Goal: Maximize the reading potential of every child.

  • Does your child want to improve his or her reading skills?
  • Do you want an individualized, targeted, research based approach for skill enhancement for your child?
  • Do you want to prevent the summer backslide?
  • Does your child have learning differences and need remediation?

Our Approach

  • Assess each student to discover strengths and challenges.
  • Ensure individualize programs are based on the assessment of each student.
  • Restore the foundation for success by providing explicit and systematic instruction.
  • Obtain progress monitoring data to modify instruction to ensure mastery.

Program Overview

We offer low tutor-to-student ratios for grades PreK-8. All intervention programs are evidence-based and have been identified as effective approaches to reading instruction. Based on assessment results and needs, a tailored instructional plan will be implemented in a variety of areas listed below.

Reading Grades PreK-8th

  • Remarkable Readers: Concentrates on phonemic awareness, letter sound combinations, word attack skills and spelling
  • Fabulously Fluent Readers:  Blend code knowledge, word parts and vocabulary to increase reading accuracy and fluency
  • Wonderful Writers:  Learn to go from simple sentences to more complex paragraphs in a systematic process of making better word choices and combining sentences
  • Clever Comprehenders:  Apply metacognitive strategies to fiction and nonfiction texts to identify main and supporting ideas, use visualization and graphic organizational strategies, and link information across text. Not currently offered by AERO


Our Results

Since 2007, AERO has continually proved to be a catalyst for progress for students needing extra support to reach academic success. Students that partook in the AERO Tutoring Program have shown remarkable gains in their reading scores. The program has also demonstrated an increase in word decoding skills by an average of 17 and 26 percentile points from the pre-test to post-test, with reading comprehension scores improving by nearly 10 points. We hope you will consider AERO and learn more about our proven tutoring programs. 




AERO Tutoring Programs

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