The Children’s Learning Institute’s publishes several different newsletters to help keep our various audiences informed about our work.

Reach Out and Read

This newsletter is a quarterly publication that highlights important news, research, and practices involving the Reach out and Read project.

Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office - The Messenger

THSCCO Messenger is an e-newsletter that is full of relevant information and available resources for the Head Start/Early Head Start community and other early childhood professionals.

The Learning Leader

The Learning Leader, a monthly publication of the Children's Learning Institute, highlights significant news in the field of education research, neuroscience, and the treatment of learning differences. Each issue features articles focused on how CLI's research and work is applied in home and school settings to create an effective environment for all children to learn and excel.

TPRI Early Reading Assessment - TPRI Newsletter

The TPRI Newsletter features important information, ideas and announcements for teachers who use the TPRI. Each issue provides expert advice and insights for giving the TPRI, and using the information it provides.

TSR Connect

TSR Connect is a monthly newsletter designed to benefit all three of our implementation models: TSR Comprehensive, TSR Online+, and TSR Online! From relevant research to teaching tips, the newsletter will provide practical information to help better serve the children of Texas.