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Academic EnRichment and Outreach Tutoring Program 

AERO– Research-Based Resource for Learning at Home

As the summer heats up, let us make learning fun for our students. For over a decade, the Children's Learning Institute's Academic EnRichment and Outreach, AERO, Tutoring Program has helped students reach their academic potential. AERO’s research-validated programs help build the necessary skills for academic success through lessons designed specifically for each child based on norm-referenced and criterion-based assessments.

With the guidance and knowledge of UTHealth educators, physicians, and psychologists, AERO's advisory panel provides expert consultation on assessment and study on best practices for interventions for children with learning disabilities. 

During the school year and summer sessions, AERO provides intervention to at-risk students experiencing difficulties in Reading and provides enrichment programs for students with grade-level academic skills. The program currently serves children in grades Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade in English. 

The goal of the AERO Program is to maximize the Reading potential of every child. All AERO programs are evidence-based and have been identified as practical approaches to Reading instruction. Based on assessment results and needs, an individualized instructional plan is implemented for each child. 


AERO's approach is simple: 

  • Assess each student to discover strengths and challenges.
  • Ensure individualized programs based on the assessment of each student.
  • Restore the foundation for success by providing explicit and systematic instruction.
  • Obtain progress monitoring data to modify instruction to ensure mastery.


Each of the AERO programs is unique, focusing on specialized learning for the needs of each student.





Throughout the academic year, AERO School-Based Programs provide initial intervention to students at-risk or who are experiencing Reading difficulties.


As a one of a kind tutoring approach, AERO offers one-on-one reading face-to-face for children in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, and summer camps for Kindergarten and First Grade students through study-indicated resources for learning at home.





While this school year has been challenging for both students and teachers, AERO helps students stay at grade-level and enriches their learning even while schools are closed.

It can be nerve-wracking, thinking that students will not have been in physical classrooms for four months or more. Still, AERO can provide lessons and camps to help ensure students gets back on track successfully and eliminate the summer, quarantined brain drain. Even during the regular school year, AERO offers open tutoring enrollment during the fall semester for both schools and individuals. 

AERO online tutoring programs provide hands-on tutoring to help children prepare for the school year. These targeted tutoring programs can be instrumental in assisting children in developing the skills they need to be successful. All of the benefits of AERO tutoring are also available through online education year-round.

Trained and screened tutors can provide students with 40-minute one-on-one sessions, using curriculum and instruction designed around a student's particular needs.

Summer camps, which occur solely during the summer break and have already concluded for this year, are tailored through a personalized approach with no more than six students per session. These camps focus on grade-level appropriate listening comprehension skills that can transfer to independent reading comprehension and higher-order thinking skills.

These tutoring programs, fall and summer tutoring, are offered four days a week (Monday-Thursday). Tutoring is available in 20-tutoring session blocks with an additional pre and posts assessment session, meeting at a minimum of twice a week. All students must complete an assessment meeting to begin the program conducted during the first session.

Students need at least 20 sessions to see gains from tutoring; the 22nd session is for post-assessment and reporting. (For optimal results, AERO experts recommend 64 total sessions.)

Currently, fall session tutoring is open for registration. This tutoring is available for individuals and schools seeking to further support students in Reading – all offered at the convenience of the student's home!


During the last 13 years, AERO has continually proved to be a catalyst for positivity for students needing an extra push to reach academic success. During this school year alone, nearly 300 students in area schools participated in the tutoring program, attaining scholarly achievement in Reading. Those students that part took in the AERO Tutoring Program have shown remarkable gains in their Reading scores. The program has also demonstrated that word decoding skills have increased an average of 17 and 26 percentile points from the pre-test to post-test, with Reading comprehension scores improving by nearly 10 points. 

Numerous children will continue to be part of the AERO Tutoring Program, in both public and private schools, to increase their learning potential through research-validated programs designed to help build the skills necessary for academic success.

AERO's mission is to continue enhancing children's opportunities for successful living by providing individualized, investigation-based assessment, and clinical services in Reading. This program will continue to target both struggling students and those with grade-level educational skills and offer them the attention they need to keep reaching academic mastery.

For more information about AERO, contact us at aero@uth.tmc.edu.



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