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Supporting Professional Development Delivery with TECPDS

The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System, TECPDS, is a statewide program designed to meet Texas professional development and career advancement in the early childhood field.


Set up as a one-stop hub for early childhood professionals in Texas, TECPDS was created to help meet the career development needs of those working in the field and support the advancement of personal, professional pathways.

TECPDS is housed at the Children's Learning Institute, at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). It is one of several statewide programs managed to support the early childhood system, professionals, and families across the state, as part of CLI's role as the Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development. 

It was launched in 2013 and has continued to expand and enhance professional development opportunities, resources, and tools for early childhood professionals all across the State of Texas. Fast-forward to today, TECPDS now serves over 40,000 users, enhancing the continual advancement of their career pathways through a fully-equipped dashboard. TECPDS features resources for early childhood professionals at all levels, including many career advancement opportunities for specialists and trainers who deliver professional development across the state.

These features have always been provided virtually from the onset. It is an aspect that was greatly useful during the ongoing pandemic, including the Find My Career Pathway tool to guide better professional development planning, the Texas Trainer Registry, links to a statewide job board, and more. TECPDS virtual flexibility allowed users to continue training and enhancing their skills all from their homes' comfort and safety. 


About the Texas Trainer Registry on TECPDS 

The Texas Trainer Registry is a statewide system that approves early childhood trainers and their trainings. There are two permission levels in the Texas Trainer Registry, Registered Trainer and Non-Registered Trainer. Trainers listed on the Texas Trainer Registry ("Registered Trainers") have gone through an approval process defined by a set of qualifications that include early childhood expertise and experience, and knowledge of adult learning theories and principles. The training approval process is linked to core competencies, principles of adult learning, and other standards, such as early learning guidelines. 

All TECPDS accounts have access to trainer features, a set of tools and resources for early childhood professionals who deliver professional development. Foremost among these tools is the Certificate Generation Tool.


About the Certificate Generation Tool

The TECPDS Certificate Generation Tool creates standardized certificates and sign-in sheets that include all state-required information for early childhood trainings in Texas. This tool provides trainers with opportunities to create certificates that meet all state requirements for their participants, including Child Care Licensing, Texas Rising Star, teacher certifications, and Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™


The Certificate Generation Tool is available to all TECPDS account holders and can be used to create, print, and then automatically upload certificates directly into the TECPDS accounts of training attendees (if they opted-in). This tool also allows for the creation of certificates for face-to-face and online trainings, as well as coaching, mentoring, and webinars. All early childhood trainers, including Center Directors who deliver training to their own staff, are encouraged to sign-up for their free account on TECPDS with free access to the Certificate Generation Tool.

The certificates created through the Certificate Generation Tool can be aligned to the:

  • Texas Core Competencies (required)
  • Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPEs), if the trainer is a TEA-approved CPE provider
  • CDA Competency Goals

A major feature of all certificates generated through this tool is a unique QR code that can be used to confirm the validity of any certificate; just scan the QR code to confirm the information on the certificate is accurate.


The Certificate Generation Tool is not only a resource for trainers and their training attendees. Through seamless integration with the Texas Workforce Registry, certificates awarded through this tool on TECPDS helps the state learn about the early childhood workforce and their professional development needs, gaps in delivery, and opportunities for advancement. Additionally, automatic transfer of certificates to training attendees' accounts allows them to continue to advance on the state's early childhood career lattice by achieving required annual professional development. 

Since the Certificate Generation Tool is an online resource, trainers can quickly and safely award certificates for any online or socially-distanced professional development they currently offer. Certificates can be emailed directly to attendees immediately after the conclusion of a training, or automatically uploaded to their TECPDS accounts.

Continuing to enhance resources for trainers and training organizations, TECPDS is currently piloting an organization-level dashboard with the Texas Workforce Commission and Local Workforce Development Boards to support tracking and management of trainings, approved trainers, and certificates at the organization level. TECPDS will share additional information about these new features soon, after the conclusion of our pilot.

TECPDS will continue to expand and enhance professional development opportunities for Texas early childhood professionals. It is a program that aims to continually provide resources and tools to track education, experience, and career development through strategic planning for career pathway advancement. Start elevating your own career! Visit TECPDS.org for more information and to create a free TECPDS account.



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