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Supporting Professionals Delivering Early Childhood Training

The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) offers several tools and resources to help early childhood professionals obtain the knowledge and skills they need to best serve young children and their families and understand the steps to take in order to progress in their careers. One of the Children’s Learning Institute’s State Initiatives, the current TECPDS website launched in 2013 with many features designed to support and enhance our state’s early childhood professional development opportunities and career development for the early childhood workforce.

TECPDS houses many resources for early childhood professionals and two primary components, the Texas Workforce Registry and the Texas Trainer Registry. This month, we are featuring the latest updates to the Texas Trainer Registry and new features that augment our state’s ability to provide high quality training opportunities for all early childhood professionals.

The Texas Trainer Registry is a statewide system that approves early childhood trainers and their trainings, and offers resources for early childhood trainers and administrators who deliver training to the workforce. Enhancements to this system provide opportunities to improve the quality of training delivery across the state and, by extension, the quality of early childhood experiences for young children in care. Following updates in 2018, the Texas Trainer Registry features two account levels:

  • Registered Trainers approved by TECPDS to deliver training to early childhood professionals in Texas
  • Non-Registered Trainers with free accounts on the system

All trainers with TECPDS accounts have access to a new feature on TECPDS, known as the Certificate Generation Tool. All professionals in the field who are providing early childhood training can use our new certificate generation tool to create standardized certificates; both Non-Registered and Registered trainers have the ability to generate and share with training attendees using the Certificate Generation Tool. Beyond traditional trainers, this tool can also be used by center directors who are currently providing training for their staff to create standardized certificates that contain all of the information needed for Child Care Licensing and Texas Rising Star (TRS) verification.

undefinedThe new certificates generated on TECPDS include a Quick Response (QR) code which is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. The QR code allows for authentication of the certificate using a QR code reader on a smartphone; individual professionals, directors, Licensing representatives, TRS assessors, and others can confirm the authenticity of any certificate generated by the TECPDS certificate generation tool using the QR code. In addition, each certificate contains a unique, tracked certificate ID number.

The Certificate Generation Tool also provides opportunities for trainers to print, email, and automatically transfer digital certificates to participants into their personal accounts in the Texas Workforce Registry. Integrated sign-in sheets offer opportunities for easy training participant tracking and certificate generation using these new tools on TECPDS.

Continuing to enhance the tools and resources on TECPDS offers many opportunities for positive impacts in early childhood professional development across our state. Visit www.tecpds.org to learn more about these features, and how your community can benefit from these free resources.


TECPDS is managed by the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office and housed at the Children’s Learning Institute at UTHealth. Since launching in 2013, TECPDS continues to expand and enhance professional development opportunities, resources, and tools for early childhood professionals.


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