AERO Summer Tutoring Program


AERO Summer Tutoring Program will be back in 2022

Our Goal: Maximize the reading potential of every child

  • Does your child want to improve his or her reading skills?
  • Do you want an individualized, targeted, research based approach for skill enhancement for your child?
  • Do you want to prevent the summer backslide?
  • Does your child have learning differences and need remediation?

Our Approach

  • Assess each student to discover strengths and challenges.
  • Ensure individualize programs are based on the assessment of each student.
  • Restore the foundation for success by providing explicit and systematic instruction.
  • Obtain progress monitoring data to modify instruction to ensure mastery.

Program Overview

If the above appeals to you, consider the AERO Summer Tutoring Program for tailored instruction for your child during the summer.

One-on-One Tutoring Sessions Check Back in Fall 2022

We offer low tutor-to-student ratios (1:1) for grades PreK-8. All intervention programs are evidence-based and have been identified as effective approaches to reading instruction. Based on assessment results and needs, a tailored instructional plan will be implemented in a variety of areas listed below.

Reading Grades PreK-8th

  • Remarkable Readers: Concentrates on phonemic awareness, letter sound combinations, word attack skills and spelling
  • Fabulously Fluent Readers:  Blend code knowledge, word parts and vocabulary to increase reading accuracy and fluency
  • Wonderful Writers:  Learn to go from simple sentences to more complex paragraphs in a systematic process of making better word choices and combining sentences
  • Clever Comprehenders:  Apply metacognitive strategies to fiction and nonfiction texts to identify main and supporting ideas, use visualization and graphic organizational strategies, and link information across text.

The one-on-one summer tutoring program offers two four-week sessions. Each session consists of two hours of instruction per day, four days a week (Monday-Thursday).  Payment must be made at time of registration to guarantee enrollment. Due to limited availability if payment is not received within 24 hours, your registration will be cancelled! Once payment is received, we will contact you to schedule an assessment date. This will begin the process of designing of your child’s individualized program. Seats are limited and fill up quickly!


I want to share my family’s experiences with AERO Programs and team. My son attends a private school in the Houston area. He is 10 years old and dyslexic. He was struggling with comprehension and confidence in the classroom.  His school provided tutoring but it was not individualized to his needs and progress. His tutor was always negative about his improvement and future. I heard about the AERO program through word-of-mouth and I saw kids in THAT program and with THAT tutoring doing well at the school. The AERO team started tutoring him at his school that same semester and his progress was exponential.

We are definitely continuing with the school tutoring program! Because of his school improvement, we also participate in the AERO summer reading sessions. This was his second summer, where the tutors greet him with a smile and somehow create a summer intensive 2 hour daily session that he doesn’t mind attending. He’s happy when I drop him off and happy when I pick him up. I believe that describes a pretty successful summer reading program by any definition. On a personal level, the tutors and staff are consistently responsive and positive to give us both the encouragement to understand and succeed with learning differences.

-AERO parent

“My name is Amal, and my 11-year-old son Marlan was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia a few years ago. He had difficulty succeeding in school from an early age; learning posed a tremendous challenge for him.

Marlan entered fourth grade at a second grade reading level. He didn't want to read and told me it was just too hard for him. Eventually, he stopped trying. His inability to read like his peers hurt his self-esteem.

I will forever remember a moment that happened three months after starting the program. I gave Marlan a book of stories to read, emotionally preparing myself for his resistance—but this time, he was happy to read! I was so excited to listen to my boy who, for the first time in his life, really knew how to read! It brought me to tears of joy.

Your program has changed Marlan's life—and the lives of everyone in our family—forever. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.”

-Amal and family




AERO Summer Tutoring Program


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all AERO summer tutoring programs will continue in 2022 for everyone's safety.

Online 1:1 Tutoring Sessions: PreK-8th Grade

Online Weekly Summer Reading Camps: K-1st Grade

  • Summer camps will continue in 2022.
  • Join us next year!

Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel consists of UTHealth educators, physicians, and psychologists.  Our panel provides expert consultation on assessment and research on best practices for interventions for children with learning problems. See the research tab of the CLI webpage for more information on past and current research and research to practice programs directed by our panel.


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