Children’s Learning Institute Early Education Center at F.W. Gross

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Preparing children for life-long success


Our goal is to help children who are three years old through first grade reach their full potential. We will help families with their needs and show them how they can be a part of their child’s education journey. Not only that, but we will also use over ten years' worth of information to give every child the best education possible. Plus. each teacher will go through online classes during the year to better themselves and the environment of the classroom through CLI Engage (our online education tool). 

If you want to learn more about our practices and the full-scope of this school, read our press release. 

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Child Enrollment (Fall 2021) 

Parents, you want the best education for your little one, that’s why we have worked tirelessly to make sure your child receives the best education they can. We want to help your child now, so they can be successful later. Enrollment opens May 3rd, so be sure to register NOW before it is too late. Click the button below to see our resources that will help you register your child for the upcoming school year. 


Teacher Recruitment 


Ready to join our team in 2021? We are now accepting applications! Apply by clicking one of the buttons below. (For teachers and other staff filter the location to "CHILDRENS LEARNING.")


Texas Partnerships

Our school is a part of the Texas Partnerships program. These partnerships offer the opportunity to expand the diversity of school options, have great support, and let school leaders and partners lead without a lot of overhead. Most importantly, these partnerships give more students access to great schools. 

CLI Resources

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